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since 1957

We deal with the breeding of new high-quality potato varieties, the propagation of potato seedlings, the sale of seed, consumption and industrial potatoes and, last but not least, consulting for potato growers and users. Our Czech varieties are gaining ground and are successful throughout Europe.

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VESA's advantages

  • Advantage of home background – varieties were cultivated in climatic conditions of the Czech Republic where the production is optima

  • Our Czech varieties won recognition and are successful within whole Europe which enables the multipliers of our varieties to export top quality seeds for reasonable prices

  • Cheaper parental material of the Czech varieties for subsequent multiplication

  • Generally higher resistance of Czech varieties against virus diseases and storage diseases

The Zlatý Klas award

awarded as part of the Earth Breadwinner exhibition – more here

2009 – variety Bella
2008 – variety Monika
2004 – variety Magda
1981 – variety Boubín

How we work

Our goal

Our goal is to create potato varieties with regard to the needs of the final consumer, using all progressive methods of breeding, including consistent positive and negative selection. During the existence of the breeding station, a number of original Czech potato varieties were bred here. Their quality is confirmed by the interest of Czech and foreign growers. Of the Czech breeding companies, Vesa is the largest exporter of seedlings abroad.

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