Parentage: Agria x 892018
Year of registration: 2012
Maturity: Early
Tuber shape: Round oval, regular tubers
Skin colour: Yellow
Flesh colour: Yellow
Yield: Extremely high
Boiling quality: Fairly firm. Cooking type B. No discoloration after boiling
Market: Fresh consumption, peeling, washing and packing


Resistances: Resistant against mechanical damage Resistant against common scab Potato cyst nematode Ro1,4, 5 resistant Potato wart, race D1 resistant
Recommendation for Requires humus soil with well-balanced water growing: condition Requires good protection against late blight


  • Extremely high yield of market tubers
  • Good-looking tubers with regular shape and size, Smooth skin suitable for washing Good storage stability
  • No discoloration after peeling and boiling