Vegetation period: early to mid-early
Peel color: yellow, smooth, shallow eyes
Flesh color: deep yellow
Yield: medium high
Direction of use: fresh market consumption
Table value: excellent taste, cooking type A, no discoloration after peeling or cooking
Origin: The variety was created by crossing the starting materials D 5/7 x D 6/4
Shape of tubers: oval, well-balanced tubers




  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • Excellent general scab resistance
  • Very good resistance to landfill diseases
  • Potato cancer pathotype 1 resistant
  • Resistant to potato nematode pathotype Ro1
  • Tuber fungus resistance is high


  • To achieve a high yield, we choose plots well supplied with nutrients.
  • Gabreta is moderately resistant to potato blight in the root, which is why high-quality treatment with fungicides is important.
  • When producing seedlings, we take care of good insecticide protection.
  • When storing tubers, we appreciate the high resistance to landfill diseases and the good germination resistance of the tubers in the landfill, we recommend maintaining a storage temperature of 4.0 – 4.5 °C.


  • A very attractive oval tuber with a smooth, soft, yellow skin
  • Excellent table value, excellent taste, brewing type A
  • Recommended for potato salads
  • Excellent general scab resistance
  • Excellent color stability both raw and after cooking