Maturity: Mid-early
Skin color: Yellow, soft, smooth
Flesh color: Richly yellow
Yield: Very high
Market: Direct consumption, suitable for washing and packaging, good for peeling
Consumption quality: Excellent, cooking type A, doesn’t go dark after boiling, delicate structure


Parentage: A 54/1 x A 138/2
Tuber shape: Oval and nicely even tubers

  • Resistance against mechanical damage
  • Resistance to viruses
  • Potato wart race 1  resistant
  • Globodera Ro1  resistant
  • Good storability

Growing recommendation:

  • Requires soil with evenly distributed nutrients including magnesium
  • We recommend good blight protection and to let the seedlings ripe naturally


  • Good yield of big tubers
  • Very good consumption quality, cooking type A
  • Nice tubers
  • Good stability after cooking and in fresh state
  • Good for washing and packaging