Maturity: Very early – early
Skin color: Yellow
Flesh color: Rich yellow
Yield: Very high in first and second terms of harvest
Market: Direct consumption, suitable for washing, packaging and peeling
Consumption quality: Excellent, cooking type B/A


Parenting: Mirato x Rosara
Year of registration: 2014
Tuber shape: Oval and evenly shaped

  • Resistant against common scab
  • Potato wart race 1 resistant
  • Globodera Ro1 resistant

Growing recommendation:

  • It is appropriate to sprout seedlings, irrigate and use non-woolen textil to accelerate harvest
  • We recommend quality blight protection


  • High yield in early harvest, high early growth
  • Excellent boiling quality, boiling type B/A, rich yellow flesh
  • Good stability after cooking