Parentage: S 6/69 x Rosara
Year of registration: 2008
Maturity: Mid early
Tuber shape: Oval to long oval, nice good-looking regular tubers
Skin colour: Bright red, smooth
Flesh colour: Deep yellow
Yield: Medium to high
Boiling quality: Fairly firm. Cooking type B
Market: Fresh consumption. Excellent washable, smooth skin Processing for French fries



  • Resistant against virus diseases, including S virus
  • Resistant against common scab
  • Potato cyst nematode Ro1 resistant
  • Good storage stability

Recommendation for growing:

  • Requires humus soil with well-balanced water growing: condition, good drough tolerance
  • Recommend less spacing of plants per ha


  • High yield of market tubers during the early harvest
  • Nice, good-looking tubers with regular shape and size, smooth skin
  • Excellent washable
  • Good resistance against virus and storage diseases

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