Parentage: Amylex x Calgary
Year of registration: 2010
Maturity: Mid late
Tuber shape: Round oval
Skin colour: Yellow
Flesh colour: White
Yield: Extremely high
Market: Processing for starch
Content of starch: Very high – till 23%



  • Good storage stability
  • Resistant against mechanical damage
  • Good resistant against virus diseases
  • Potato cyst nematode Ro1 resistant
  • Good resistant against late blight of foliage and Alternaria

Recommendation for growing:   

  • Requires good fertilization including magnesite
  • Recommended early planting and presprouting


  • Very high yield of starch per hectare
  • Very high yield of tubers, small share of little tubers
  • Resistance against mechanical damage
  • Resistance against virus diseases
  • Resistance against storage diseases